We are the Counter Operation. Visit this website for up-to-date information on our fight against Emtanon Ltd, Marine Org and WORM. Our mission is to expose the truth. This organization, and their illegal paramilitary, is purposely melting the polar ice caps. They also have a line of IoT software present on many appliances that will be used to disrupt the power grid. Emtanon is expected to exort power companies, governments, and other entities for money in exchange for power stability.

Welcome to the Counter Operation Home Page!

Spotlight on Emtanon

Help us bring these idiots down. The world needs us. Help us get the word out about these terrible people.

Dr. J Marvin Blackweather
Head of Emtanon and Marine Org
Number 1 Asshole

Emtanon Ltd
Just a Front Company for Illegal Activity

Marine Org
Illegal paramilitary thugs

Free John Barrow
Took the fall for Emtanon
Probably knows a lot if people let him talk

Vlad Ivanov
Illegal Paramilitary Consultant

-40.3531 -9.9133
Location Exposed Illegally Using Government Military Satellites

Call these phone numbers and help us crack their codes and bring these idiots down. Let us know if you find more!

Phone NumberNamePurposeNotes
207-813-2200AS27ASCII Numbers Station
606-722-0004Agent SystemThe same as the one at the 303 number years ago
808-400-8484Honolulu Tape SystemLets you play various tapes

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